About TRC Solutions
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 TRC Solutions, Inc. is a full service solution-minded firm specializing in safety and compliance to companies who utilize vehicles within their own business scheme. We have honed our reputation over the last 25 years by providing solutions for today’s situations by protecting and securing our clients’ future with solid compliance solutions.


  TRC Solutions has evolved in many ways since its inception in 1982.  In 1982, a company called Cost Cutter Consulting Group was started by Jeff Perkins, a former Illinois Commerce Commission Auditor, who began this business by performing freight bill auditing.  While providing this service, he found that most clients needed assistance in record-keeping.  Jeff began to move the direction of his company towards record-keeping and compliance, focusing on license plating and fuel tax accounting.  In early 2000 Jeff decided to sell this business to Gary York, who had spent most of his career in the transportation field.  During the 1980’s Gary was a compliance auditor for the Department of Defense.  Later he became a safety director for a mid-size trucking company based in the Chicagoland area.  Having a company already grounded in the specialized field of fuel tax, license/title work and permitting was a perfect way to expand offering vehicle and driver compliance services.  This expansion allowed the company to better assist its clients with all around compliance efforts.  Thus, the company changed its name to TRC Solutions, which is short for Transportation Regulatory Compliance Solutions and has grown from 5 employees in 2000 to over 20 in 2009 with our corporate office in Burr Ridge, Illinois and satellite offices in Houston, Texas and Albuquerque, New Mexico.    

Today, TRC Solutions is among the top companies in the field of compliance assistance.  TRC uses innovative and technologically designed solutions, specific to each client, to aid in the effort to be compliant whether with State or Federal regulations or simply remaining compliant with their own company’s directives.

TRC is committed to protecting each client thru dedicated analysis of individual needs and the development of sound, functional and results oriented solutions to each area of  required compliance needs.  We feel that our Future is dependant on the success of your  Future.




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